The Solutions

AWHPC seeks a holistic and humane approach to managing wild horses and a shift away from the current policy, which focuses on rounding up horses and removing them from their homes on public lands. We support in-the-wild management of wild horses and burros that leaves these animals on the range where they belong.

We seek a federal wild horse and burro program that focuses on safe and humane fertility control instead of removals, promotes healthy ecosystems by protecting predators, improves range stewardship, and addresses resource inequalities. Presently, the BLM allocates the majority of forage and water resources in designated wild horse habitat areas to privately-owned livestock, instead of to wild horses and other wildlife species. The agency sets unnaturally and artificially low level authorized management levels (AMLs) for wild horses.  We seek a fairer share of resources on public lands for wild horses and burros, and increase in population levels to allow for healthy and genetically sustainable wild horse and burro populations over the long term.

Solutions are actively being implemented by AWHPC and our coalition partners, working in conjunction with federal and state agencies to Keep Wild Horses Wild and free on the range where they belong. Some examples include:


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