Wild Horses in Santa Barbara Promote 'Roaming Wild' Movie

By John Palminteri, KEYT NewsChannel 3


Two Spanish Colonial horses on a walk in downtown were part of the promotional tour for the movie "Roaming Wild," in the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

They came from the "Return to Freedom" ranch in Lompoc nearby. A herd there was featured in the film by Sylvia Johnson.

She hopes the public will be able to help solve some of the issues involving wild horses, and their habitat, after seeing the film. "There are different alternatives, and better solutions than are currently happening .  (There will also be) a better understanding of the different perspectives. It is much more complex than a black and white story," said Johnson, who traveled to several western states for the filminig.

The two horses named Isidoro and Ynez were walked up the street by Neda Demayo,from Return to Freedom.    "Some of the horses at the sanctuary, in Lompoc are from rare breeds. These horses come as  direct descendents from Padre Kino's original horses that came from Spain, in the 1600's."

They were crowd pleasers for those strolling on State St. from Cota St. To Anapamu St.

Nearby the first showing of the movie was scheduled for tonight at the Museum of Art.

A second showing is Saturday at the Metro 4 Theatre at 2 p.m.

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