West Douglas Roundup: September 16-24, 2015

The BLM White River Field Office in Colorado rounded up and removed 167 wild horses from the West Douglas Herd Area. There were 2 deaths: One horse died when they fell and were stepped on by another horse, and one foal (who you will see depicted below) who suffered a broken leg after being terrorized and chased by contractors.

View the daily reports from the BLM here.

A video below by Krisztina Gayler shows a foal who, according to observers, had been chased for upwards of an hour. The foal is visibly hurt, and was soon killed after a vet determined his leg was broken. 

West Douglas round up Day7. Foal roping part four: again.. Please forgive Maggies languages.. It was so intense .. And also my note: This is not the way, I would want to see my tax goes.. No Way!!

Posted by Kriszta Fecske on Tuesday, September 22, 2015