We need to protect our horses from government

Guest Opinion, Marietta Daily Journal

Wild horses are protected as American symbols of freedom, but the government agency entrusted with their management treats them like pests.

Right now, the Bureau of Land Management is rounding up 1,400 mustangs from public lands in Oregon, hunting them down with helicopters to make room for taxpayer-subsidized livestock grazing. 

This agency was also recently exposed for illegally selling 1,800 federally protected wild horses for slaughter in Mexico. 

Nearly 80 million taxpayer dollars are spent annually on this federal program that stockpiles as many wild horses in holding facilities as remain free in the wild. 

Meanwhile, advice from the National Academy of Sciences to use a proven birth control vaccine instead of cruel roundups continues to be ignored.

All Americans should care about this government abuse. We don’t need more horror stories about horse slaughter. We need the BLM to implement currently available humane and scientific solutions that preserve America’s wild horses for future generations to enjoy. Learn more at: www.WildHorsePreservation.org.

Jacqueline Robinson, Powder Springs

Originally Posted By The Marietta Daily Journal