Today: NV Sends Wild Horses To Slaughter Auction as Governor Inundated with Public Outrage

Nevada Governor’s Office Flooded with Faxes In Protest of Sale of Wild Horses at Slaughter Auction

Global Support Behind Rescue of 41 Mustangs Headed for Auction Today

Fallon, NV (January 9, 2012)…. Later today, amidst heightened public outcry, the state of Nevada will put a group of 41 wild Nevada mustangs up for sale at a livestock auction in Fallon, NV frequented by kill buyers who purchase horses for slaughter.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign (AWHPC) announced today that, thanks to a global outpouring of support, it had raised the funds necessary to purchase the horses and save them from slaughter. AWHPC said that donations have arrived from citizens across the world, from South Africa to Europe, Canada and the U.S., enabling local advocacy groups to mount a lifesaving rescue effort for the horses.

Meanwhile, over the last five days, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval’s office has been flooded with over 12,000 faxes and letters from citizens outraged at the state’s capture and sale of wild horses at slaughter auctions.

"The powerful grassroots response to the plight of these 41 horses sends a clear message to every politician and government official engaged on the wild horse issue: Citizens across the world value Nevada’s wild mustangs and expect the government to protect them,” said Deniz Bolbol, communications director of the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign.

"This is an opportunity for the Governor to implement humane solutions that prevent these horses from going to slaughter auctions and to humanely manage them on the range where they belong,” she continued. “We look forward to working with the Governor and the State Agriculture Department on a plan that will benefit both wild horses and Nevada taxpayers.”

The horses are expected to be put up for bid at or after 3 p.m. today at the Nevada Livestock Marketing auction, 1025 Allen Road in Fallon.