A Special Delivery for Sally Jewell on Capital Hill

By American Mustang The Movie

This week, the American Mustang the Movie Team traveled to Washington, D.C. to screen AM3D for a select group of decision makers and politicians. Producers Ellie Phipps Price and Henry Ansbascher hosted the special, one-time screening on Capital Hill to bring the plight of wild horses front and center.

And when you’re in Washington, why not take the opportunity to deliver a special gift to none other than Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell?

Since last fall, the American Mustang the Movie Team has been gathering postcards from wild horse supporters around the nation. It’s a small but nightly gesture; the postcards, addressed to Jewell, implore her to take action to help wild mustangs. In case you’re wondering what happened to all of those postcards. . . read on:

We saved all of the postcards that so many of you around the country filled out.

TLEA1183There were thousands, enough to fill this box!

Like any proper gift, we wrapped your postcards with a nice blue bow…

…And took it straight to the steps of the Department of the Interior, home of the offices of Sally Jewell! 

Ellie Price (left) and American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign Director Suzanne Roy were on hand to make a personal delivery.

The postcards on their way inside to Sally Jewell’s office. Do you think they will help make your voice heard where it matters? Do you want to write Sally Jewell, just to be sure? Here’s her address: Department of the Interior, 1849 C Street, N.W. Washington DC 20240

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