Sick wild horse born along NC coast beats all odds to survive

By Fox 8 News

CURRITUCK, N.C. — A horse born along the North Carolina coast is making a remarkable recovery after being on the verge of death a few weeks ago.

WTKR reported that the wild horse foal named William has returned to Currituck County after capturing the hearts of thousands across the country.

William was born on June 12th on the beaches of Corolla but unfortunately had a host of health complications.

“When we first saw him we thought he was exceptionally small, said Corolla Wild Horse Fund Executive Director Karen McCalpin. “Every day it seemed like he was not thriving.”

William was taken to the ICU at a veterinary hospital at North Carolina State University after staff in Corolla determined he was sick. Veterinarians believe he was born prematurely and tests revealed a variety of problems.

After surgery and introduction to his surrogate mother, Pebbles, William continued to show signs of improvement.

Now, just five days after his one-month birthday, William and Pebbles have been moved to a barn in Currituck County. Pebbles will stay will William until he is at least four-months-old.

Thanks to an overwhelming outpouring of support from the community, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund was able to raise more than $25,000 to help with William’s medical costs.

William will never be able to return to the wild, but he will soon find a new home in Delaware with a veterinarian.

“If one message comes out of this it’s that these horses have an indomitable spirit and their will to live is what’s kept them here for five centuries,” McCalpin said.

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