The Sentiment of the American Public is Clear

The Bureau of Land Management confirms in the NY Times that it will not "sell to slaughter or put down healthy horses." 
However the agency continues on a collision course with disaster by stubbornly refusing to implement humane birth control and failing to adequately reduce livestock grazing despite drought conditions. 
Instead, BLM spokesperson Tom Gorey says the agency needs a "deux ex machina" (an unexpected power to save the BLM from a hopeless situation) as though the agency can do nothing to change the situation.  
Once again, the BLM is ignoring the findings of the National Academy of Sciences, as it promotes the myth that its "Appropriate" Management Levels (AMLs) equate with sustainable wild horse populations, and that PZP fertility control does not work (it works if you use it!). 
But the sentiment of the American public is once again clear, and we will keep demanding that this agency implement humane and cost effective management of our iconic wild horse and burro herds. Nearly 200,000 people have signed our petition so far!