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May 5, 2013: Deer Run Herd Reunion

Cinco de Mayo marked the day that part of the Deer Run herd family was reunited in California. The two mares (Coco and Fairlight) and their two foals (Laurel and Hummingbird, respectively) were reunited with the Deer Run family. It has been decided that the family will be kept in a small pasture, while the foals are still small, before being released in the larger pasture (and eventually the ranch).

Video Courtesy of Ellen Holcomb

The family will live in a penned pasture before being let out on the 60-acre pasture and ranch. Luna (aka WhiteLight) and the family meet the newest generation. Pictured below: Luna meeting Hummingbird.

Photo above left: Coco, Laurel, and Rio. Photo above right: After getting acquainted and reacquainted, all were back to the business of grazing.

Photo above left: Little Hummingbird nurses with mother Fairlight. Photo above right: Foals Laurel and Hummingbird (L to R) are great friends.

Photo above left: Fairlight is a small horse and her little girl, Hummingbird (above right), is noticeably smaller than the other foal in the band. Coco's foal Laurel, was born approximately 2 weeks after Hummingbird.