Reveille Roundup: February 1, 2017

Day 3: February 1, 2017

This morning we were allowed to view the horses that were captured over the previous days as they were being loaded for transport to the Ridgecrest corrals. No injuries or issues were witnessed during this process.

45 wild horses were captured, and there was one death. According to BLM, she was a 20 year-old mare, with a body condition of 2,  which met the BLM criteria for "euthanasia."

To date, 123 wild horses have captured in this roundup, including 53 stallions, 52 mares and 18 weanlings/yearlings.  The BLM has reported that none of the mares removed so far during this operation have been mares who were previously treated with PZP.

Day 2: January 31, 2017

46 wild horses were rounded up today, consisting of mostly older horses. No injuries or deaths were reported.

The trapsite will be moved tomorrow to a different location as no additional horses were seen in the current area.

Photos below were taken by Teresa Gilbert for AWHPC.

Day 1: January 30, 2017

The Bureau of Land Management allows just 138 wild horses to roam within the Reveille Herd Management Area (HMA)and estimates that just 173 wild horses live in the 105,000-acre ( 170 square mile)  public land area. Wondering why the BLM is conducting an expensive roundup when this HMA is just 35 horses over the agency-imposed population limit? Read the full story here.

The BLM's Tonopah Field Office began the Reveille roundup today. The agency aims to capture 140-160 wild horses and permanently remove 80 of them from their homes on the range. Captured horses are being shipped to the BLM's Ridgecrest Corrals in Kern Counnty, California.

The roundup began late,  around 11:30 a.m, due to an injury sustained by a contract worker who had to be airlifted out for medical attention. By end of the day, a total of 32 wild horses were captured. There were no deaths or injuries reported.

The onsite veterinarian estimated that the majority of those removed were relatively young, with the oldest being estimated at 15 years.

Photos below were taken by Teresa Gilbert for AWHPC.