More Calico horses die in BLM Fallon holding pens

The latest news from the BLM's Fallon holding facility, where more than 1,700 Calico horses await their fate.

The death toll from the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM's) Calico, Nevada wild horse roundup is rapidly approaching 100, as 12 more horses have perished in the month and a half since we issued our report on the true cost of this largest and most controversial BLM roundup in years.

An additional 83 Calico horses have been transferred from the BLM holding pens near Fallon, Nevada to the Palomino Valley holding facility, where they are being prepped for an Internet adoption in July. These 83 mustangs will never again run free in the land of their birth. The fate of the remaining 1,700 Calico horses hangs in the balance, awaiting a federal judge's decision on a lawsuit brought by the law firm of Buchanan, Ingersoll and Rooney on behalf of AWHPC coalition member In Defense of Animals, Nevada ecologist Craig Downer, and noted children's author, Terri Farley.

The poor little foal pictured above was euthanized after suffering from lack of nutrition when his mother could not produce milk for him. Since the agency is not recording births of foals or the fates of these foals until they reach several months of age, the public would not have known about the fate of this little horse, had he not been noticed by public observers visiting the facility. More information and video of this foal available here.

Other recent deaths at Fallon include two young male horses who died from complications due to gelding, and four horses who died from traumatic injuries - two from broken necks and two euthanized due to broken legs. Read and see video of the beautiful little grulla yearling who broke his neck and died at Fallon here.

Here is the full list of recent deaths, as reported by BLM:

•A yearling gelding (#1096) was euthanized after he was found down in his pen; diagnosis fractured neck, cause unknown. (May 19)
•Two year old gelding (tag number 1264) that had under gone cryptorchid surgery 5 days ago was found dead – gelding complications & colic. (May 16)
•10 year old mare (tag number 0135) was found dead – cause of death undetermined. (May 15)
•Three year old mare euthanized – fractured neck. (May 12)
• One 20 year old stallion (#1316) was euthanized – leg fracture. (May 10)
•A yearling male was euthanized – fractured leg. (May 7)
•A yearling male was euthanized due poor condition related to diarrhea and colic. (May 6)
•A two year old died; necropsy revealed that pulmonary hemorrhage was the cause of death. The hemorrhage was most likely caused by previous day’s anesthesia applied for gelding. (May 5)
•One yearling filly was found dead in her pen, cause of death unknown. (May 4)
•One seven-year-old mare was euthanized due to foaling complications involving a prolapsed uterus and arterial hemorrhage. (May 1)
•A 3-year-old mare was euthanized after being unable to deliver her foal. (April 27)

Meanwhile, BLM is gearing up for a renewed season of wild horse roundups, with captures planned for Nevada, California, Utah, Wyoming and New Mexico beginning in June.