In Memory Of Danny

April 2013

American Wild Horse Preservation,

Please find enclosed a donation to honor the life of  "Danny," a loving little horse who enriched the lives of many of us two-legged critters. He passed on New Year's Eve, leaving behind a large collection of fans and a whole lot of broken hearts....

As his person, Toni Herbine-Blank wrote,

"I have known Danny all his life. He came to me a few years back from my Uncle George, a cowboy-hermit with a band of sturdy mountain ponies. Dan was a first, safe ride for many, many people over the years, and eventually he became a therapy horse for my sister in her equine therapy practice. He had mustang in him, making him stalwart, kind, smart, giving and stubborn, with a heart of gold. Hard to know how he held a heart that big in such a small body, but he did. Danny's presence in my life has given me the following gifts of wisdom:

  • Stay connected with the people who really care about you, and greet them kindly whenever you see them.
  • Let everyone have a chance to love on you, because you never know what gem they may have for you. 
  • Always stay in contact with your herd, but it's fine to stand alone in the sunshine when you need a break.
  • Watch your feet and step carefully when you are on the trail.
  • Scratch an itch whenever possible.
  • Be generous and kind to the young, the old and the in-betweens.
  • Put up a good fight if you believe in your cause.
  • Always, always, always keep your heart wide open.

He was a really, really good horse. I will miss him."

Stories are told that if you were riding Danny and got caught in a blinding storm, needed to traverse difficult terrain, or found yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, the thing to do was give him his head. You could trust him. He know how to get home. So, on December 31, 2012, feeling quite ill and worn out, that's just what he did. He took himself home. It is our hope that the enclosed donation will honor the good life of this beloved horse by improving the lives of others.


Friends of Danny