Management group: Lawsuit tied to Salt River wild horse roundup dismissed

By ABC15 News

MESA, AZ - A lawsuit against the U.S. Forest Service surrounding the potential roundup of Salt River wild horses has been dismissed, according to the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group.

In a news release Tuesday , the management group said the U.S. Forest Service no longer has plans to round up the horses in the Tonto National Forest, based on recent statements.

The group dismissed the lawsuit Friday “without prejudice, meaning that it can be refiled at any time.”

In August, Tonto National Forest Supervisor Neil Bosworth postponed any action regarding the horses on the Salt River for at least 120 days.

Bosworth said he hopes to work with the management group to find a collaborative solution to address the horse issue.

Public outcry earlier in August halted a proposed roundup of about 100 free-roaming horses.

Some wilderness and wildlife experts said the animals are destroying river habitat and harming native plants, birds and fish.

The Maricopa Audubon Society said the horses are not native to the area and their grazing habits along the river are causing devastating ecological issues.

The Salt River Wild Horse Management Group also said in August that during the 120 days, they planned to find humane ways to inject the horses with birth control to manage the population.

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