It's almost Christmas, and what's the BLM doing?

December 23, 2016

It's almost Christmas, and what's the BLM doing? Rounding up wild horses with helicopters, of course. 

The agency gave the public just one day notice of its plans to capture and remove approximately 100 "excess" horses from in and outside the Eagle and Silver King Herd Management Areas (HMAs). The short notice of this roundup has made it difficult for the public to observe this government operation conducted in remote eastern Nevada. At present the roundup is taking place with no public observers present. 
The BLM has labeled this an "emergency" roundup necessary to protect public and animal safety. Horses are coming off the range in good body condition. They are being shipped to the privately-operated  Indian Lakes holding pens in Fallon, NV, which is closed to the public. 
During the first two days of the roundup (Dec. 20-21), 43 wild horses (18 stallions, 16 mares and 9 foals) were captured. Inclement weather has now grounded the helicopters, and the roundup is expected to resume on December 27. 
Reports from the roundup can be found here, and the facility reports from Broken Arrow can be found here
The Silver King HMA is the site of the roundup in 2010, when AWHPC witnessed a beautiful stallion we named "Braveheart" die after charging the bars of the trap pen in a valiant but futile attempt to protect his mare and foal after they had been captured by the BLM. His story is here