How to Stay Involved with the Plight of Wild Horses & Burros

July 5, 2016

We love our supporters. Wild horse advocates are passionate, opinionated and willing to do whatever it takes to help mustangs and burros. We appreciate you, and wouldn't be able to accomplish much of what we do without your support!

Last week, Facebook announced that it will be making changes soon to your news feed. The changes will focus prioritize content from your friends and family, and will show you less from the organizations, news outlets, and the businesses that you follow.  While this is great for staying up to date with what the people in your life are doing, it's bad for those of you who are passionate about this issue, interested in staying up to date, and taking action to defend these amazing animals. 

So how do you stay involved? You can take one simple step. 

Head on over to the AWHPC Facebook page (, click the drop-down on the "Liked" button and under "In Your News Feed" select "See First". An example can be seen below! Please do this today to stay involved....Our wild horses and burros need you to keep fighting for them!