Help Rescue 24 Virginia Range Horses Who Face Slaughter Auction

We are desperately attempting to find placement for two bands of horses recently removed by the Nevada Department of Agriculture from the Virginia Range, who will go to slaughter auction in less than two weeks if we are unsuccessful. Additionally, we have eight horses at Horses Plus Humane Society in northern California who were removed from the Virginia Range by the NDA over a year ago. We have been paying Horses Plus to keep these horses and not euthanize them, however they are moving and cannot take these horses with them. We are spreading the word far and wide about the need for placing these horses.

Must find placement in two weeks or they will be sent to slaughter auction:

  • A family band of ten horses consisting of 2 geldings, 1 colt and 7 mares/fillies
  • A band of three consisting of 1 gelding & 2 mares
  • A single bachelor gelding



Also we need to find home by end of month or Horses Plus Humane will euthanize these horses:

  • 3 geldings, 2 mares and their offspring

Our Cooperative Agreement with the State of Nevada for the management of the wild horses of the Virginia Range near Reno has made great strides. Diversionary feeding and fencing projects are well underway, and the fertility control program is off to a fantastic start. The NDA has worked with us to relocate a number of bands instead of removing them, however, it deemed these particular horses as public safety threats who could not be relocated.

Any ideas or venues for spreading the word about these horses in need will be most appreciated!

If you have a permanent home available that can accomodate wild, untrained horses please contact Louise at Thank you.