Group continues push to protect Corolla Wild Horses

By Jane Wertz, 10 Wavy

COROLLA, N.C. (WAVY) – The fight to protect wild horses on the Outer Banks is getting political. Two weeks ago, the State of North Carolina passed a resolution asking the United States Senate to pass the Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act, but the Senate decided not to move forward with it.

Horse enthusiasts are not done fighting. According to advocates, The Corolla Wild Horses Protection Act is critical to the horses’ long-term survival. They are not asking the government for money. Instead, this Act would create a herd with fewer birth defects, by pulling horses from another barrier island to breed with the Corolla ones – thus, protecting the population and creating a larger herd.

“Without this act being passed, the Corolla Wild Horses are pretty much doomed to a genetic collapse. We already know through genetic testing; we have one of the most highly inbred herds anywhere. We know we need to have introductions from horses at Shackelford Banks into our herd and we know we need to have a minimum herd size of 120 to 130,” explained Karen McCaplrin with the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Once a year, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund sends a helicopter to fly over the more than 7,000 acres of wild horse territory to get an official horse count. As of July 1, that number was at 101, not enough to ensure a healthy herd.

The group’s only hope now is for Senator Kay Hagen to move the act through the Senate as a stand alone bill.

If you support the amendment to the act, the group is asking that you contact lawmakers. Click this link to get information on how to contact your Senator: To contact Senator Hagan, click here.

And you can find information on how to donate to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, at this link.

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