Get over the stress of the holidays with wild horses

By April Davis, KKCO News

December 29, 2015

The New Year calls for new ways to overcome fatigue and find fulfillment in our work and daily activities.

Post-holiday fatigue involves more than dealing with the relatives, overeating, and cabin fever. It also involves going back to the same job, care-giving tasks for older loved ones, and enduring the cold January let down.

But, there's a solution in sight. Now there's a new arena that people are using to put some "giddy-up" in their step. Little Bookcliffs formerly wild horses, at Steadfast Steeds, in Glade Park, Colorado, are teaching people the principles that mustangs use to survive and thrive in the wild, and it's adding horse power to achieving a fulfilling life.

Steadfast Steeds offer several programs, from - outdoor photography to hikes, to rafting and ground work, and play with socialized mustang horses.

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