Comments call for more fertility control with wild horses

By Heather Kennison, Elko Daily Free Press

ELKO — No local residents gave public comments at the BLM Nevada Tri-RAC meeting Thursday, but some comments regarding wild horses were submitted.

Laura Leigh emailed comments from the Reno-based wild horse and burro protection organization, Wild Horse Education.

“We urge the RAC to support cooperative efforts between advocate organizations and BLM to facilitate water hauls in drought situations,” Leigh said in an email. “Our organization stands ready to assist with man power, supplies and funding if needed.”

Two of the comments asked for increased use of fertility control in wild horses.

Wild Horse Education urged the Resource Advisory Council to use PZP-22 contraception to slow population growth of wild horses.

Deniz Bolbol from the American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign said the BLM’s use of PZP was sporadic and had little impact.

Bolbol also brought up the topic of horse slaughter.

“RACs spend considerable time discussing wild horse issues and most ranchers call for the slaughter of horses as a quote ‘solution,’” Bolbol said in an email. “This is not supported by the American public. Poll after poll has shown the American public supports protecting wild horses and burros on public lands, and that Americans do not support the slaughtering of horses. Let’s work together on a humane, fertility control program.”

A comment submitted by Cheryl Newcombe of Manchester, N.H., said the BLM should leave the wild horses alone.

“They are not bothering anyone,” Newcombe said in an email. “There is plenty of land. We are supposed to be protecting them and not herding them up and slaughtering them and putting them in holding pens.”

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