CO Horse Organization Sues the BLM


By One News Page

August 25, 2016

I'm Amber Freeman. a -Colorado organization has filed a lawsuit against the bureau of land management, opposing mare sterilization research at Oregon State University. Representatives with the "Cloud Foundation" out of Colorado Springs and the "American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign" say the procedure is invasive, dangerous, and needs to be recorded. Newschannel 5's Chelsea Helms joins us now live from the newsroom... She spoke with Toni Moore today, who is a board member of the cloud foundation who lives on the western slope ... and Chelsea, why is Moore against this research and procedure? Jorma, Amber, Moore tells me that if the BLM and OSU are allowed to move forward with the procedure, it could end up coming here to Colorado, as a way to manage our local wild horse population.

">>>( verbatim text ) "The American public should be outraged that a national heritage species is going to have to go through such intolerant cruel behavior" when it comes to horse sterilization cloud foundation member Toni Moore is not horsing around.

"Wouldn't do this to a domestic mare, much less a wild horse" Moore is a board member of The Cloud Foundation a Colorado organization working in conjunction with The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign, suing the Bureau of Land Management for their planned sterilization experiments being studied at Oregon State University "the remediation that we're asking for is that these procedures be stopped, and if they aren't stopped that the public be allowed to document these experiments" a BLM news release says representatives are researching 3 sterilization procedures as a way for population control something a local veterinarian claims it's inhuman "it's barbaric mutilation, they know they're going to have a death loss, i'm afraid they're going to lose a lot of them" with the back-lack a spokesperson with osu says it's not the responsibility of university officials to decide how the wild horse population is controlled "that's the role of the us government all we are doing is providing research based opinions that will inform the best public policy by the us government " regardless of whose responsibility Moore is hoping it will be stopped "this will be another step in the managing towards extinction" worrying that the procedure will find its way to wild horses here in Colorado"  I did reach out to the BLM for comment and local officials referred me those in the naitonal office, who I have not yet heard back from.. ..and as of now, no decisions will be rendered in the matter until at least november. Live in the newsroom, Chelsea Helms.

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