Cloud Foundation: Wyoming Roundup

By The Cloud Foundation

Day 1: Wyoming Roundup-Sept. 15, 2014.

Our observation point was ½ mile from the trap--visibility was limited to only about the last 100 yards of their journey and it was next to impossible to see the pens. 20 horses were rounded up, not good.

The first horses brought in were led by a beautiful pinto. Note the massive energy construction behind, as this valley was filled with energy development.

The bands lose in an instant what they value most: freedom and family.

The next family that the helicopter brought in had a very small foal.

A black stallion, who was brought in by himself, ran out of the trap after the helicopter spent 20-30 minutes bringing him in--the copter tried again and then after the stallion defied the helicopter, they let him go.

A big cheer went up from the observers! That's 1 for the wild horses! We watched that big black stallion with the blaze--(I decided to call him Rocky as he was so invincible), disappear over the hill to the west.

We spent the remainder of the day driving through Salt Wells and found a total of 36 horses, including 5 foals. What spectacular country. (We also saw hundreds of cows and antelope as well.)

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