Blue Wing Complex Roundup, Aug 2 - 4, 2013

From August 2-4, 2013 the BLM rounded up 200 wild horses from the Kamma Mountains/Blue Wing Complex in Nevada.

Three mares were killed as a result of this roundup:

  • A 9 year old sorrel mare who died of a fractured neck as a result of being running into panels of the holding corral after capture
  • A 7 year old sorrel mare was euthanized due to a fractured hind leg from being kicked by another frightend horse in the small corrall
  • A 15 year old mare who was euthanized due to blindness in one eye, making her “too dangerous” to load

Public observation was positioned extremely far away from the trap site. BLM officials stated the reason for distance was due to FAA regulations, as well as a public safety issue. The contractor’s family members who were small children were seen climbing on rocks directly above trap site, and young children rode out of horseback to rope foals.

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