BY Nevada Appeal

january 5, 2017

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign is protesting the Bureau of Land Management’s plans to round up nearly 800 horses in Nevada and Utah during the coming two months.

“The BLM continues to cruelly round up and remove wild horses and burros from their homes on the range and stockpile them in feedlot holding pens, contrary to scientific recommendation and public opinion,” according to Suzanne Roy, director of AWHPC. “Meanwhile the agency continues to under utilize humane birth control as an alternative to cruel and costly round-ups.”

Other groups, however, have protested the use of birth control saying the chemicals are dangerous to the animals.

She said there are already more than 45,000 horses and burros in BLM corrals around the west. She charged that BLM last month removed more than 1,400 horses from the Owyhee Complex and another 74 horses from the Eagle and Wilver King herd management areas in Nevada.

Originally posted by Nevada Appeal