BLM Investigating Burro Deaths After Roundup

By The Associated Press

June 16, 2016

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The Bureau of Land Management is investigating the deaths of 18 wild burros after a round-up in central Utah.

Authorities say most of the animals died in a corral and their bodies had no outward signs of trauma or serious illness. They were among 226 animals that were captured from the Sinbad herd in March and April.

The corral has been temporarily closed as veterinarians do necropsies on the animals.

Authorities have said they're removing the animals because the wild donkey heard had gotten too large for the drought-parched land to support.

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign spoke out against the roundup, arguing that it's one of the few that's been relatively undisturbed for more than two decades.

The herd lives on a nearly 100,000-acre range about 200 miles southeast of Salt Lake City.

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