Bible Springs Roundup: July 28, 2014

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundup in Utah's Bible Springs Complex in southwestern Utah began on July 28, 2014. The action was scheduled to appease ranchers who had threatened to illegally round up wild horses if the BLM did not. The action targets 140 wild horses for removal from the Blawn Wash Herd Management Area (HMA). In 2002, the BLM traded away the most productive part of the HMA to the state of Utah, which leased the land out to ranchers. Subsequently, the BLM zeroed out the HMA, setting the Allowable Management Level (AML) to zero and setting in motion a plan to eliminate wild horses from this public lands area that was designated by Congress as wild horse habitat. 

Update August 5, 2014: BLM Utah Roundup is officially over. 143 wild horses were captured and removed from the Blawn Wash HMA. Two horses died in the helicopter roundup. (See Day 3)

An additional 36 horses (17 stallions, 12 mares and 7 foals) were captured outside the Sulphur HMA along Highway 21. 30 horses were permanently removed while 6 (1 stallion, 3 mares and 2 foals) were released back into the Sulphur HMA.

All horses have been taken from their homes on the range, separated from their families and transported to holding pens, including the ones seen in this updated video on the Utah roundup by Caroline Kraus.

Following are reports from AWHPC observers present at the roundup. Special thanks for AWHPC supporter and advisor and AMERICAN MUSTANG The Movie producer Ellie Phipps Price, Utah photographer Kelly Jay and videographer Caroline Kraus for attending the roundup and witnessing the helicopter stampede and capture of the Bible Springs Complex wild horses. 

July 28, 2014: DAY 1

Approximately 35-40 horses were captured today during the Utah Bible Springs Complex roundup. The captured horses, including a handful of foals and yearlings, were all in good condition despite rancher claims that horses were starving on the range.

Photos courtesy of Kelly Jay.

Day 2:

25 horses were rounded up and removed from the range, which included 11 studs, 10 mares and 4 foals. The captured horses were in good body condition.

The following photos were taken today of formerly wild horses in the BLM's Delta holding facility show the conditions that await the horses that are being captured this week in Utah. Some of the horses at the Delta facility have been in these pens for three years or longer.

Day 3:

31 horses were rounded up and removed from the range, which included 10 studs, 15 mares, and 6 foals. These horses were also in good body condition.

There were 2 reported deaths:

  • One sorrel mare age 7, body condition 3 was euthanized due to a pre-existing fracture of right rear hock.
  • One gray filly age 1, body condition 4 died due to impact with a corral panel at temporary holding.

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