August 24th, 2013: Ft. McDermitt Rescue

As a result of our lawsuit against the federal government, a judge last Friday issued an injunction temporarily blocking the sale of  the Ft. McDdermitt horses at auction. The sale continued with the auction of branded horses, about half of whom were sadly purchased by kill buyers. On Wednesday August 21st, the same judge lifted the order, clearing the way for the horses to be sold to the highest bidder. Clearly, we disagree with the verdict and with the actions of the federal government, which was complicit in making these horses available to kill buyers.

Following the ruling, we did everything we could to save the 149 horses from slaughter, and after an amazing collaborative effort, these horses are safe. 

Our coalition partner The Cloud Foundation, secured the involvement of Victoria McCullough and the Triumph Project of Wellington Florida. Florida State Senator Joe Abruzzo, negotiated with the tribe on Ms. McCullough’s behalf to purchase all the horses for rescue.

25 horses went to to Ellie Phipps Price's of Dunston Wines ranch in Northern California; 6 were taken in by Return To Freedom, American Wild Horse Sanctuary before arriving at their permanent home at a wonderful ranch in Montana. 25 more stallions were transported by Saving America's Mustangs to their new home at Mustang Monument: Wild Horse Eco-Resort. Mares were taken to a temporary location at ranch in north Reno. Ms. McCullough's Triumph Foundation is standing behind these horses to secure long-term placement. Mares and foals were transported from the stockyard yesterday by Sally Summers of Nevada Horse Power, and other mares and foals were transported by Sally Summers of Nevada Horse Power. A special shoutout goes to Laura Leigh of Wild Horse Education for her help on this situation - she was side by side with us during the slaughter auction and every step of the way in the fight to save these horses.

Many thanks to Willis Lamm of Least Resistance Training Concepts and his volunteer brigade for mobilizing the transport, as well as facilitating the gelding of the 25 former free-roaming stallions in preparation of relocation to a California sanctuary. You can read more about the process here.

Photo by William Lamm

These are just a few of the 25 horses that were taken in by Ellie Phipps Price's ranch in Northern Califonia. The babies will soon be up for adoption.

If you can help by adopting a horse, please fill out an adoption application at this link:


For more information about the Ft. McDermitt horses from roundup to rescue, please click here.

October, 2013: New Baby Born to Ft. McDermitt Mare

A new foal was born this week to a mare from the Ft. McDermitt Reservation, rescued from a kill buyer by AWHPC supporter Ellie Phipps Price.

They have named the foal "Flight." She's a filly.


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