'American Mustang' Sells Out Ahead of Thursday Showing

By Karel C. Ancona, Carson Now

“American Mustang, The Story of A Girl, A Cowboy and A Wild Horse,” shows to a sold-out audience, Thursday at Galaxy Fandango in Carson City.

Sponsored by Cafe at Adele’s and Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital, organizers hope to bring additional showings to Nevada’s Capitol later this fall.

“I think it is because it is a 3-D film, we could not move it to a bigger theater,” said Margie Quirk. “There will be a showing coming up in Sparks and we are going to try to get more showings scheduled for September.”

“American Mustang” played two weeks in Portland, five sold-out shows a day.
“Of course, we’re not Portland, but we have a wide area from which to draw,” Quirk said.

The movie was the brainchild of Ellie Phipps Price, the life-long equestrian and wild horse advocate and steward who has rescued 172 of Nevada’s horses, including the Deer Run herd.

She purchased Montgomery Creek Ranch, a 2,000-acre sanctuary near Willows, Calif., in 2009, where the horses now roam and are cared for.

“We are lucky that she is financially able to help where others can’t,” Quirk said. “This is a way to raise awareness about our herds and what has been going on.”

The wild horse management debate and conflict between wild horse advocates and Bureau of Land Management and the Department of Agriculture has been long and arduous and at this point, there no end is in sight.

“There is no middle ground in the debate from what I see,” Quirk said. “People are either for the horses or against them and it is very frustrating and heartbreaking to see what is happening.”

There is great romanticism in the minds of folks around wild horses and their place in the west, Quirk said, adding there is now, especially among European tourists a heightened interest in ecotours focused solely on wild horses, which could become an economic benefit.

“There are many aspects to be considered,” she said. “But at the end of the day, they are living creatures that deserve respect.”

“As in all good things that take place in the world, this event has been undertaken by a woman,” said Charlie Abowd, whose restaurant is co-sponsoring the viewing. “This has come about thanks to Margie and we’re here to support her in any way she needs.”

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