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Wild horse advocates speak out against Mead’s lawsuit against the BLM

By County 10 News

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) – Wild horse advocates aren’t thrilled with Gov. Matt Mead’s new lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management. Mead announced the lawsuit on Monday, and members of multiple advocacy groups are speaking out.

Wyoming VS BLM – Wild Horse Advocacy Group Condemns Lawsuit

By Sweetwater Now

The Cloud Foundation has issued a press release concerning a lawsuit filed by the State of Wyoming against the United States Department of the Interior and the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over the federal government’s alleged failure to appropriately manage wild horses in Wyoming. Wyoming announced its intent to sue in August.

Complaints about a federal land grab continue - even the burro lovers are annoyed

By Jennifer Harper, Washington Times

Protecting all that wild American territory - it seems like such a nice idea.

The Land Grab Deemed a Backroom Deal

By Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times

Protecting all that wild America — it seems like such a nice idea. But there’s trouble lurking with a federal lands package that was recently attached as tight as a deer tick to the National Defense Authorization Act.

Nevada, Wild Horse Advocates Clash over Estrays

By Pat Raia, The horse

The Nevada Department of Agriculture (NDA) has issued a statement relative to its recent gather of wild horses from the Virginia Range located in South Reno.

Nevada asks public not to interfere with horse round up

By Steve Timko, RGJ

Horse gathers continue in the Virginia Range between Reno and Fernley and the Nevada Department of Agriculture reminds the public it is illegal to interfere with the round ups.

Wyoming Legislators to Study Wild Horse Management

By Pat Raia, The

Members of Wyoming's Select Federal Natural Resource Committee want the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to rethink the way it manages wild horses residing in that state to preserve land also used for grazing privately owned livestock.

Wild Horse Advocates Seek Lawsuit Dismissal

By Pat Raia, The Horse

A group of wild horse advocates is seeking the dismissal of a lawsuit asking the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to remove excess horses from public and private land in Utah.

Wild horse lovers counter Utah ranchers’ lawsuit

By Kristen Moulton, Salt Lake Tribune

Wild horse advocates are asking a federal judge in Salt Lake City to dismiss a lawsuit by Utah ranchers seeking immediate removal of wild horses from the public range.

Vehicle vs. wild horse accidents on 50 drawing concerns

By Kevin Trout, RGJ

After leaving last week's Stagecoach Advisory Board meeting where the issue of wild horses was discussed —including wild horses being hit by vehicles — Lyon County Commissioner Ray Fierro saw Lyon County Sheriff's and Nevada Highway Patrol vehicles heading east with lights and sirens.

Wild Horses, Dragged Away

Letter to the editor, Suzanne Roy to the New York Times

“As Wild Horses Overrun the West, Ranchers Fear Land Will Be Gobbled Up” (news article, Oct. 1) leaves unexplored some important questions about how and for whom our public lands are managed. The roundup of more than 800 wild horses in Wyoming provides an answer.