AWHPC In The News

Public needed to adopt wild horses

By Nevada Appeal

The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign and Let ‘Em Run Foundation are asking for the public’s assistance in adopting wild horses removed from the Virginia Range near Reno.

Groups differ on plan to control wild horse population

By Associated Press

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – The U.S. Bureau of Land Management’s plan to inject 50 wild horses in western Utah with contraception drugs to help control the population is being applauded by one wild horse advocacy group but derided by another.

Kornze encourages wild horse fertility research, adoptions

By Dylan Woolf Harris, Elko Daily

ELKO – Although wild horse enthusiasts have been known to lob criticisms to federal stewards, Bureau of Land Management Director Neil Kornze says the proof is in the numbers.

Wild horse advocates win 2nd round versus U.S. ranchers

By Barbara Liston, Reuters

Wild horse advocates for the second time in two separate federal courts beat back an attempt on behalf of ranchers to force the federal government to thin the herd which competes with livestock for food and water on public land in the U.S. West.

Protected Wild Horses Dying for Ranchers’ Profit

By James Joiner, The Daily Beast

Wild horses, long an inspiring symbol of the American West, are under attack and about to be dragged away by a group of ranchers in Utah.

Judge tosses Wyoming lawsuit seeking more horse roundups

By Mead Gruver, Associated Press

CHEYENNE — A federal judge Tuesday dismissed a lawsuit filed by Wyoming officials that sought to compel the U.S. Bureau of Land Management to promptly round up several overpopulated wild horse herds in the western part of the state.

Group calls for release of handsome Utah wild horse that became online sensation

By Brett Prettyman, Salt Lake Tribune

People with online dating profiles must be jealous. A photo of a 25-year-old wild horse from Utah known as Grulla Stallion 3907 has gone viral.

Federal plan to gather tribal horses draws fire

By Jeff DeLong, RGJ

FORT McDERMITT — Across a rugged swath of mountainous terrain just south of the Oregon border, government land managers and an Indian tribe are poised to round up to 2,000 horses, many of them roaming federal land illegally.

Battle heats up over management of Nevadas wild horses

By Horsetalk

The fight over the management of wild horses in Nevada is heating up, with wild horse conservation groups being granted the right to intervene in two cases before the courts.

Ian Somerhalder Encourages Fans To Sign Petition To Save Horses

By BSC Kids

Ian Somerhalder wants his fans to get involved in a quest to save horses. He re-tweeted a message from his foundation about saving wild horses. Here is the message he shared:

Wyoming won't back down in wild horse lawsuit

By Trevor Graff, Star Tribune

Gov. Matt Mead won't back down after federal officials and wild horse advocates filled a motion to dismiss Wyoming's lawsuit to require what they consider proper management practices.

Victory for Nevada Wild Horses is Now Being Challenged in Court

By Judy Molland, Care2

It seemed like great news for conservationists in the ongoing battle between the preservation interests of conservationists and the commercial interests of ranchers: a judge in Nevada on March 12 sided with wild horse advocates against ranchers who wanted the Bureau of Land Management to round up and kill wild horses to reserve grazing land for their privately-owned livestock.