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Abandoned Burro Waited And Waited By Side Of Road For Help

By The Dodo

September 17, 2015

The story of Billy the burro is a sad one. A lonely burro abandoned in the middle of nowhere, on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land between Battle Mountain and Elko.

Urgent Action Needed to Stop U.S. Government From Sterilizing Wild Horses in Idaho

By AWHPC, Special to One Green Planet

Conflict between wild horse population and cattle ranchers runs rife across the western United States.

Groups upset following release of range management plan

By Keith Riddler, Associated Press

A new federal land management plan for southwest Idaho and northern Nevada created after the settlement of a lawsuit aimed at reducing cattle grazing has been released — and it allows an increase.

Utahns holding wild horses amid BLM’s dearth of options

By Brian Maffly, Salt Lake Tribune

Axtell • The wild horses appearing last week at Nannette and Kerry Despain's ranch outside this central Utah town were too emaciated and weak, worn down after a hot summer on the drought-depleted Nevada range, to be fully processed.

Burro that sought refuge with Willow Fire crews is home

By Ben Margiott, AZ Central

The domestic donkey that emerged from a burning forest and sought refuge behind firefighters has been reunited with its owner after evacuations forced the owner to leave the burro behind.

After Surviving Wild Horse Roundup, Majestic Stallion Gets a Second Chance at Freedom

By Suzanne Roy, Special to One Green Planet

In April of this year, the future looked grim for Grulla Stallion #3907, a magnificent 26-year old, dark dun-colored mustang who was captured in a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) roundup in the Sulphur Springs Herd Management Area. This proud stallion had lived his entire life wild and free in the rugged high desert of Utah.

Bills Would Put States in Charge of Wild Horses, Burros

By Pat Raia, The Horse

A pair of proposed federal bills would remove some wild horse herds from Bureau of Land Management (BLM) management and place them under the jurisdiction of the states and Native American tribes that request it.

BLM launches new research into wild horse population control

By Associated Press

CHEYENNE, Wyo. — The federal government is preparing to launch a new round of studies into ways to prevent wild horses and burros from overpopulating Western rangelands, including making contraceptive drugs last longer.

Taming Wild Horses

By Thomas Ragan, Santa Fe Reporter

Radio tracking collars, more studies devoted to genetic diversity through fecal analysis and longer lasting fertility-control vaccines are among the solutions to help rein in the overpopulation of wild horses on public lands in the Southwest.

Wyoming seeks to tame wild horse population

By Nicole Michaels, Tri-State Livestock News

Another legal action from the State of Wyoming seems to amount to little more than one more dusty step in a failed political process as it pertains to wild horses.

Wyoming Governor Appeals Wild Horse Lawsuit Ruling

By The Horse

Wyoming Governor Matt Mead has appealed a federal court decision to dismiss a case alleging that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) failed to manage wild horses appropriately in that state.

BLM will dart horses in attempt to control fertility


Sometime this year, federal land managers plan to shoot a “fertility vaccine” into the haunches of wild horses in Tooele County’s Onaqui herd.