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Washoe County Proclamation to Protect Nevada's Wild Horses and Burros

By Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection League

On Dec 9, the Washoe County Commission signed and unanimously voted in favor of the Resolution for Wild Horse and Burro Protection in Northern Nevada. Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund joins in the celebration of this momentous occasion as it prepares for the launch of a cooperative agreement between the State of Nevada and local and national non-profit organizations to humanely manage the historic Virginia Range horses.

Wild Horse Advocates Angered By Lawsuit

By Melodie Edwards, Wyoming Publlic Media

This week, the state of Wyoming filed suit against the Bureau of Land Management and the Department of the Interior in hopes of further reducing the size of the wild horse herds in the state. The lawsuit contends that wild horse populations are growing and exceeding their management levels.

Wyoming VS BLM – Wild Horse Advocacy Group Condemns Lawsuit

By Sweetwater Now

The Cloud Foundation has issued a press release concerning a lawsuit filed by the State of Wyoming against the United States Department of the Interior and the United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM) over the federal government’s alleged failure to appropriately manage wild horses in Wyoming. Wyoming announced its intent to sue in August.

Wild Horses: Wyoming’s Governor Seeks Complete Annihilation of His State’s Wild Horses

By Carol Walker, Wild Hoofbeats

It was not enough for Wyoming Governor Matt Mead that 1263 wild horses were removed from Wyoming’s Checkerboard lands just two months ago.

Europeans Suspend Horsemeat Imports From Mexico – Deal Huge Blow to North American Slaughter Operations

By Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

The horse slaughter industry has been dealt the biggest blow since The HSUS led the fight in Congress, the states, and federal courts to shut down the three operating horse slaughter plants in the United States in 2007. Today’s game-changing news: the European Commission has suspended the import of horsemeat from Mexico to the European Union (EU) due to food safety concerns.

Northwest Tribes Take Steps To Corral Growing Wild Horse Population

By Tom Banse, NW News Network

Growing populations of wild horses in the inland Northwest are creating headaches for federal land managers. Wild and feral horse herds overrun tribal lands in our region too.

Rethinking the Roundups

By Karen E. Lange, HSUS

Gus Warr knew the wild horses under his charge were in trouble. It was the summer of 2002 in northwestern Utah, the fourth year of drought.

Mustang Monument, Nevada US: Horse Sense

By Britt Collins,

Mustang Monument is as far as you can get from a cowboy camp-out. Its glamorous tepees are kitted out with four-poster beds and have a 24-hour butler service. However, the wild mustang horses are the real stars of this nature-communing show.

Get Up Close and Personal With Wild Horses at This Sanctuary in Santa Barbara

By Mary-Rose Abraham, Yahoo Travel

With its miles of seashore, rolling hills of vineyards, and Mediterranean climate, Santa Barbara has long drawn visitors, among them a greater-than-average quotient of celebrities.

Wild, wild horses

By YANNA LANTZ, The Express

There are only 32,000 wild horses left running free. More than 50,000 are being held in captivity after aggressive roundups, often by helicopter.

Western Watersheds Project Not Backing Down in Wyoming Lawsuit

By, Western Watershed Project

WWP refutes rancher claims and files counterclaims-

Latest Roundup in Wyoming Exposes Flaws, Failures in BLM’s Wild Horse Program

By Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

At least 10 animals, including four yearlings, are dead after a poorly conducted and strategically suspect government roundup of approximately 800 wild horses in Wyoming.