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Horses never forget human friends

By Jennifer Viegasm, NBC News

Human friends may come and go, but a horse could be one of your most loyal, long-term buddies if you treat it right, suggests a new study.

Progress on the Range

Spring Creek Basin HMA Model Program for Humane, In-The-Wild Management

Stand-off over 186 wild horses the BLM wants to release

By Horsetalk

Plans to return 186 wild horses to the rangelands of Nevada are on hold in what two wild advocacy groups are calling a stand-off between federal authorities and a local rancher and his supporters.

Lawsuit Filed to Protect Sage-grouse Habitat in Craters of the Moon National Monument

By Western Watershed Project
If the Bureau of Land Management is serious about saving Greater sage-grouse, the agency would stop issuing grazing permits that expand livestock impacts in the bird's habitat.

A Gentler Roundup

By Jim Mimiaga, Cortez Journal

Wild horse advocate TJ Holmes is hiking for hours and hours through Disappointment Valley, north of Dolores, with a specialized dart gun.

Kill buyers the "worst enemy" of US Horses

By Horsetalk

Kill buyers are the worst enemies of horses in the United States, according to the head of a leading American charity.

BLM awards team with helping control horse population

By NBC News11

MESA COUTNY, Colo. The Bureau of Land Management presented the Colorado Volunteer of the Year Award to five people who participate in a darting team for fertility control.

N.C. stallion is young, wild and ready for action

By Jeff Hampton, Pilot Online

Meet Gus, the newest, most eligible bachelor in town. He's quite a stud - a wild stallion, if you will.

Horse advocates to attend Pine Nut meeting

By Kurt Hildebrand, Record-Courier

Local wild horse advocates are encouraging residents to attend a meeting held by the Bureau of Land Management on its resource management plan.

Advocacy Groups Allowed To Intervene In Mustang Lawsuit

By Caroline Ballard, WPM

A US District Court granted wild horse advocates the right to intervene in a case involving the management of horses on Wyoming land.

Equine Protection Gains and Challenges in 2014

By Wayne Pacelle, HSUS

Horses are a big part of our agenda at The HSUS, which houses the only national advocacy department focused on protecting horses from commercial exploitation.

Domestic Horse Slaughter Ban Continues


With President Obama signing the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, the United States will continue to forbid the domestic slaughter of horses for human consumption.