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WHOA: Wild horses at risk for slaughter

By Amanda Goodman, KRQE News

PLACITAS, N.M. (KRQE) - Horse advocates fear New Mexico's wild horses could end up in New Mexico's new horse slaughterhouse.

Contraceptive may help curb wild horse herds

By Rosalie Rayburn, ABQ Journal

A nonprofit organization that advocates for the protection and preservation of free-roaming horses in Placitas has asked the U.S. Bureau of Land Management for assistance in addressing public safety concerns arising from the animals straying on the roads.

How to use mustangs as scapegoats for livestock & why you shouldn't sit on an anthill

By The Cloud Foundation

While fellow madcap mustang adventurer, Rachel Reeves, and I have visited the Sand Wash Basin herd a few times before, never have we been so successful. After getting into Craig and hitting the sack around 11 Friday night, we awoke begrudgingly to the 4:30 am alarm clock.

Wild Horses

By Rosalie Rayburn, ABQ Journal

“Somebody has got to take responsibility. I think it’s gotten to where it’s dangerous,” Sandoval County Commissioner Orlando Lucero said. “My concern is that (the horses) might get onto the freeway and cause a major traffic accident.”

Wild Horses

By Penny Preston, KULR-8

POWELL, WY - This week may be the last chance for people to own a wild horse from Northwest Wyoming. That's because the mares are on birth control.

Wild horse encounters on California sanctuaries

California’s wide-open spaces harbor several sanctuaries that care for wild horses and burros who would otherwise be slaughtered to reduce populations on public lands.

Deer Run group adopts Carson City wild horses removed from BLM

By Jeff Munson, Carson Now

A herd of wild horses removed from an area off of Deer Run Road last month were purchased Saturday at a Bureau of Land Management adoption in Carson City.

Wild horse advocates fear 12 horses headed to slaughterhouses

By Ed Vogel, Las Vegas Review Journal

CARSON CITY - Advocates bought 41 stray horses at a Fallon auction this week but fear 12 domesticated horses purchased by others will be slaughtered and used for human consumption.

Protesters ask Sandoval to halt wild horse auction

By Ed Vogel, Las Vegas Review Journal

CARSON CITY - About 40 sign-carrying wild horse advocates marched Friday in front of the Legislative Building in a move to induce Gov. Brian Sandoval to block a Feb. 9 auction of 41 state-owned stray horses.

Partnership Will Improve Water for Wild Horses, Wildlife

A new partnership among the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Cody Field Office, Marathon Oil Corporation and Friends of a Legacy (FOAL) made great strides in 2012 toward improving water sources for the benefit of wild horses, wildlife and livestock inside the McCullough Peaks Wild Horse Herd Management Area (HMA) east of Cody, Wyo.

Stagecoach advocates rescue wild horses

By Bonnie Matton,

When word reached the November meeting of the Stagecoach Town Advisory Board that eight local Virginia Range horses were in need of rescue, they decided to do something about it and found a local solution.