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Mustang Monument's wild horses ready to welcome luxury travelers

By A. Pawlowski

Make your way to the sun-soaked, rugged corner of northeast Nevada and you can vacation among the fast and the beautiful in the state's newest tourist attraction.

Wild Horses: The Proposed Destruction of the Sand Wash Basin Herd

By Carol Walker, Wild Hoof Beats

Two weeks ago I visited the Sand Wash Basin Herd in Colorado. I have been photographing the wild horses there since the disastrous roundup in 2008 when 11 wild horses died and I watched a wild mare being trampled underneath other horses who were being pushed into a horse trailer.

Corolla wild horses hobbled by heredity

By Jeff Hampton, The Virginia-Pilot

The leggy Corolla colt with a white star on his forehead cautiously followed his mother into the pasture.

Whether Utah horses are native species is at heart of debate pecies is at heart of debate

By Kristen Moulton, Salt Lake Tribune

Advocates are petitioning the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to list wild horses as threatened or endangered, which would trigger protections for herds in 10 Western states.

Ranchers are scapegoating wild horses, says BLM scientist

EWA (Chicago) – The Cloud Foundation and Wild Horse Freedom Federation today released BLM livestock data for Beaver County and Iron County, Utah showing that despite a chorus of demands from ranchers for the removal of wild horses from the over-grazed range; the data shows livestock outnumber wild horses 10.6:1 in these areas.

Utah BLM tries contraception to rein in wild horse population

By Kristen Moulton, Salt Lake Tribune

Simpson Mountains » A herd of wild horses grazes amid sagebrush and knee-high clumps of grass along the path Pony Express riders rode through southern Tooele County.

Irwin Honoured

By Sporting Post

Team Valor’s Barry Irwin and philanthropist and equestrian Victoria McCullough will be honored at Equine Advocates‘ 13th Annual Awards Dinner and Charity Auction on 25 July 2014 at the Fasig-Tipton sales pavilion in Saratoga Springs, N.Y.

Return to Freedom Wild Horse Preservation Foundation responds to concerns over Yakima wild horse roundups. June 13, 2014

By Return to Freedom

June 11, 2014-The Yakima Reservation, spread over one million acres in Southwestern Washington, is home to some 12,000 wild and feral horses. In an effort to reduce their numbers the tribe is rounding up thousands of horses just after foaling season.

Founder of Larkin Valley's Pregnant Mare Rescue seeks to turn over reins

By Jennifer Pittman, Santa Cruz Sentinel

WATSONVILLE — After eight years of rescuing horses headed for slaughter, Lynn Hummer is looking for someone to take her place at the head of Pregnant Mare Rescue, a nonprofit organization she founded on her 3-acre ranch in Larkin Valley.

Off to see the horses

By Gib Mathers

McCullough Peaks mustangs lure people for spring tours

10 Filmmakers to Watch in 2014: Stephanie Martin

By Mike Sullivan, The Independent

It has become somewhat of a cliché: Write a script that you can shoot. The first short film from a new writer/director seems to always consist of two or three people in a single location sitting around a table yakking. It is easier on both the schedule and the budget.

Help bring 'Roaming Wild' film to Theaters!

Roaming Wild is an age old story of man versus wild playing out in the 21st century. Wild horses, cowboys, ranchers, and activists all struggle to defend disappearing ways of life in the West.