2017 Wild Horse and Burro Roundup Season

The BLM is moving forward with its Fiscal Year 2017 roundup  schedule, which you can view in full here.  Before the agency pauses for foaling season (March - June), it will conduct four helicopter roundups and permanently remove at least  650 wild horses from their homes on the range. 

Photo: Kristin Murphy

Cedar Mountain HMA, Utah

Start Date: February 8, 2017

Helicopter Operation

The BLM is planning to roundup approximate 600 wild horses from the Cedar Mountain Herd Management Area begining on February 8, 2016. The agency will permanently remove approximately 200 of these horses. Approximately 400 wild horses will be released back to the range. 150 of the released mares will be treated with PZP fertility control.

Reveille HMA, Nevada

Start Date:  After January 23, 2017

Helicopter Operation

The BLM is planning to round up approximate 125 wild horses from the Reville HMA beginning approximately on January 23, 2016. The agency has set a goal to permanently remove 50 horses and treat 30 mares with PZP fertility control before releasing them back to the range. The BLM is using "court order" as the justification for this round up. 

Photo: Wild Horses of America

Sulphur HMA, Utah


Start Date: January 17, 2017

Helicopter Operation

As of January 23, 2017, 291 wild horses have been captured and there has been one death: An approximately 25 year-old dun stud was euthanized due to an enlarged left knee with chronic arthritis.

The BLM is planning to round up 700 wild horses from the Sulphur Herd Management Area beginning on January 17, 2016. The agency plans to permanently remove 300 horses from this HMA. Approximately 125 mares will be treated with the with PZP fertility control vaccine and released back to the range. 

Photo: BLM

Frisco HMA, Utah


Start Date: January 6, 2016

End Date: January 15, 2016

Horses captured: 82

Helicopter Operation

The BLM's Cedar City Field Office will soon be rounding up and removing wild horses from within and outside the Frisco Wild Horse Herd Management Area (HMA) in western Utah. The BLM is planning to round up approximately 150 wild horses and remove 90  from the Frisco HMA in order achieve a population level of 100 animals. Some horses will be fitted with tracking devices and returned to the range as part of a research project

Photo: BLM

Eagle/Silver King HMA, Nevada


Start Date: December 20, 2016

End Date: December 28, 2016

Horses Captured: 74

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Ely District permanently removed 74 wild horses from public and private lands adjacent to U.S. Highway 93 and State Route 322 in and outside the Eagle and Silver King Herd Management Areas (HMAs) in eastern Nevada. The BLM stated that the roundup was "necessary" to provide for public and animal safety.

Photo: BLM

Sand Wash Basin HMA, Colorado

Start Date: November 3, 2016

Bait/Water Operation

The Sand Wash Basin bait trap removal began on November 3, 2016. The BLM's goal is to remove about 50 young horses and to treat 200 mares with PZP birth control. 

Two partner groups, the Sand Wash Action Team and Great Escape Mustang Sanctuary, will help the BLM select and treat wild horses. The young wild horses gathered will go into the GEMS adoption program. From the BLM, "Our partnership with SWAT and GEMS are key to the success of this gather as well as the long-term management of wild horses in the Sand Wash Basin. These groups help us with on-range activities like assisting with gathers and administration of fertility treatment; maintaining fences, trails and springs; signing roads and trails; and reseeding; as well as off-range activities like adoptions and promotional events."

To date, 117 wild horses have been captured, 83 have been released back to the range, and there has been 1 death (pre-existing condition).

Press Release:

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