13 Virginia Range Wild Horses Arrive at Sanctuary

By Tamara Gerdts, Project Manager

January 14, 2016

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign has found a forever home for 13 more Virginia Range wild horses so that they don’t have to face the devastating outcome of being sent to auction and possibly slaughter.  Mustang Monument eco resort in Northeast Nevada has graciously offered these horses sanctuary where they will be allowed to roam the pastures on this resort covering more than 900 square miles.

The Virginia Range horses tentatively boarded the trailer not knowing their destination.  Nervous energy was in the air.  But all settled in for six-hour journey to their new forever home.

We arrived after dark to safely unload the horses in very cold temperatures.  300+ horses greeted us, standing across the fence welcoming the new arrivals. 

Mustang Monument's residents come to say hello.

These lucky 13 horses, including several pregnant mares, will join approximately 500 horses already living at the sanctuary.  Our enormous thanks to Madeleine Pickens of Saving America's Mustangs and the Mustang Monument for opening their hearts and doors to these two families of horses.


It could have been a much different ending for these 13 beautiful wild horses without the help and donations of AWHPC’s supporters. We thank you for your ongoing support!