June 8-9, 2013; Deer Run family

Diva is heavily pregnant and keeps close to her mom, Luna/Whitelight. We'll keep you updated when she foals. Due to Diva's condition, the family is in a multi-acre pasture pen. There is a new shade structure in the pasture pen which the family -- especially Diva -- uses on warm days.

Fairlight (mother of tiny Hummingbird) is a gentle, watchful mother of her little independent daughter. Hummingbird was inspecting me and Fairlight kept calling her daughter, who finally after three or four calls obediently returned to her mother's side.

Coco, is a very attentive mother to her pretty little foal Laurel (who was name in line with their arrival at their new home on Arbor Day). The two babies (Hummingbird and Laurel) just love each other -- spending 30 minutes at a time grooming each other and often exploring and hanging out together. Hummingbird, despite her small size, is clearly the more outgoing and more independent of the two youngsters - she is also a few weeks older.

Moonshadow still loves his mom Diva -- often going to her side. Moonshadow is delightful ... he's inquisitive and a loving and playful cousin to the foals. He shows a lot of interest in people and yet remains very bonded to his family. We'll keep you posted on developments.

July 16th, 2013: Updated Photos


Moonshadow loves his little cousin Laurel

It's so nice to watch little Hummingbird and Laurel enjoy each other. Moonshadow is such a joy and the most friendly of the Deer Run family.

All the mothers are most attentive of their little ones. Here, (L to R) Fairlight and her daughter Hummingbird and Laurel and her mother Coco

Needless to say, everyone is thrilled with the new baby.

October 2013:

This is an updated photo of Laurel, who was born to Coco at the BLM holding facility. Photo by Equinality.

March 2014:

Moonshadow enjoying his breakfast!

Mother and daughter, Luna and Diva, still hang out together. But they are no longer inseparable. Perhaps since both mares have foaled they are a little more relaxed wandering away from each other.

Moonshadow comes to say hello as his family grazes behind.