Domestic Horse Slaughter Ban Continues

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With President Obama signing the $1.1 trillion omnibus spending bill, the United States will continue to forbid the domestic slaughter of horses for human consumption.

Horse DNA Analysis Study: How Horses’ Domestication Change The World


By Jobs & Hire

Horse DNA Analysis - On Monday, researchers reported that using DNA analysis, scientists have discovered that by identifying genetic changes, it helped turn ancient horses like those in prehistoric era into winning horses and champions. And based on the study, horse domestication was first made 5,500 years ago.

Wyoming Sues Feds Over Wild Horse Management

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By Pat Raia, The Horse

The state of Wyoming has filed a lawsuit alleging that the Department of the Interior (DOI) and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) have failed to managed wild horse herds in that state. Meanwhile, a University of Wyoming rangeland specialist has released the results of a study evaluating how wild horses and cattle graze the rangelands.

Horses rescued from slaughter find home in our region


By Olivia Bailey, WYCB

HAWKINS COUNTY, Tenn.- Thirty-one wild horses scheduled to be slaughtered are now in safe hands. Five of those horses were rescued by a Hawkins County animal sanctuary.

Federal officials, horse advocates disagree over wild status for Heber herd


By Associated Press

HEBER, Arizona — Residents in the eastern Arizona town of Heber are in disagreement with federal officials over whether free-roaming horses that have become part of the local landscape deserve to remain free. The U.S Forest Service believes most of the horses trotting around on the public land are actually lost or abandoned.

European Union ban threatens US horse slaughter pipeline


By Horsetalk

John Holland, the president of the Equine Welfare Alliance, examines possible scenarios following the European Union’s ban affecting horsemeat shipments from Mexico. He predicts short-term instability, but believes the US market could not hope for a better set of circumstances to kick on and put the slaughter trade behind it.

Europe posts horse meat ban


By Eric Mitchell, ESPN

The European Commission took action Dec. 8 that resulted in the ban of horse meat imports and meat products from Mexico

Washoe County Proclamation to Protect Nevada's Wild Horses and Burros

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By Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection League

On Dec 9, the Washoe County Commission signed and unanimously voted in favor of the Resolution for Wild Horse and Burro Protection in Northern Nevada. Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund joins in the celebration of this momentous occasion as it prepares for the launch of a cooperative agreement between the State of Nevada and local and national non-profit organizations to humanely manage the historic Virginia Range horses.

Horse advocates want to save Heber herd


By Brenna Goth, The Republic

Three young chestnut, black and chocolate-colored stallions from the wild herd that roams the forest here spent a recent Friday morning lazing in a clearing, offering no clarity on where they came from.

BLM Approves Ecosanctuary for Off-range Wild Horses


By Basin Radio Network

As part of its efforts to effectively manage wild horses and burros, the Bureau of Land Management plans to establish a third wild horse ecosanctuary for off-range care of excess wild horses.


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